NCCA seeks to form wise, virtuous young men and women who have learned to submit all things to the universal lordship of Christ, by offering an education to the glory of God that is biblically-based, gospel-centered, and classically informed.


Our Mission

To teach students to seek God’s truth and equip them with the tools for a lifetime of learning for the glory of God.

“Parents can provide no better gift for your children than an education in the liberal arts. House and home burn down, but an education is easy to carry along.”
— Martin Luther

About Us

  • NCCA currently offers Preschool through 9th Grades.

  • NCCA aspires to offer a first-rate educational program, where students are immersed in the great books and ideas of western culture, and learn how to both appreciate and criticize those ideas from the standpoint of a Christian worldview.

  • NCCA’s greatest dream is to glorify God by offering a certain kind of education, by which students are the next generation of Christian leaders.

  • NCCA offers a classical education that emphasizes the centrality of the written and spoken word, the centrality of the past, the centrality of the classical languages (Latin and Greek), and the centrality of rigorous thinking, speaking and writing.

  • NCCA desires to offer admission to every eligible student, by funding scholarships to offering need-based financial aid.

  • Most student can excel in the Christian and classical educational model.

  • NCCA is a developing school which celebrated its 9th birthday in fall 2019.

  • NCCA is a Christian and classical school in Hardin, KY.