Recommended Reading


Classical Education 101

These are the primers on classical Christian education in our day.

Going Further

The following books are important because of what they teach us about the nature of classical education.  Several of them are not written from a Christian perspective, and consequently tend to glorify classical civilization.  They are all, however, full of helpful information.

  • Norms and Nobility by David Hicks - a weighty defense of true liberal arts education
  • Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Lee Simmons - a defense of teaching Latin and Greek
  • Who Killed Homer? by Victor Hanson and John Heath - helpfully explains the demise of classical studies
  • Johann Sturm on Education - Here is a clear picture of Protestant Classical Education dating back to the beginning of the Reformation.  You will find that things have changed remarkably.  There is, however, much that we should preserve.
  • The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis - Lewis describes–as only he can–what happens when education is divorced from values and absolutes.